Labradorite Hex Necklace
Labradorite Hex Necklace

Labradorite Hex Necklace

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A statement right where you want it. This gorgeous piece will liven up your wardrobe. Hand-cut labradorite with sterling and vermeil detail. Gray pearls all around but it’s not too pearly.

  • 15 3/4-18 1/2” adjustable sterling fig 8 chain and lobster clasp.

  • All stones vary slightly which adds to the uniqueness of this necklace.

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Each one of our pieces is individually made to order. This means that you are getting a unique, one-of-a-kind item every time! Debra makes all of her jewelry by hand in Washington, D.C., so shipping times may vary based on your location and production requirements.

Ask Our Customers


She unites fine art with fashion when designing her pieces that are sophisticated, elegant and handmade by the designer herself.

Stacy L.
Los Angeles, CA

I love the Labradorite Hex Necklace it is hands-down one of the best peices I own and it is impossible to wear without getting complements!

Christina B.
Scranton, PA

Deb incorporates pearls for her days of classic black and special occasions, semi precious stones such as labradorite and  tourmaline, for her bohemian looks.

Retail Store Owner
Washington, DC

Her style is very feminine with a “modern vintage” or “classic with a twist” feel. Its rare that I cannot find something to match my outfit!

Carly E.
Litchfield, CT

The Labradorite Hex Necklace is basically my favorite peice of all time. It has the perfect balance of flash and elegance to top off any outfit.

Carrie T.
Richmond, VA